Basement Type Secrets Review on Midwest Action

October 10, 2017

Very excited to share this piece by writer and friend Corrine Cassels on our freshman album "Basement Type Secrets" published today on Midwest Action !


The album was self-released three years ago in Chicago after many a long moon and sun of learning how to make an album... and we are very grateful for the connections its made with people... also very grateful to now be working with Brian Deck, especially Blacknight after years of 'EQ-PTS' (Equalizer Post Traumatic Stress) flashes from learning the science of mixing-down an album :'D


In light of this special event we have put 'Basement Type Secrets' up for free here for your downloading pleasures!


Thank you so much to everyone whose helped out along the way. More to come :)

<3 GnB




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