"This dynamic duo is more raw and sweet than brown sugar. Grimms’ lyrics spilled across the microphone in painfully beautiful diatribes. The tribal beats hiding in their sound beds were something special. Grimms was straight up rocking a Bowfinger t-shirt, too, which to me is punk."

-Chicago Crowd Surfer



"...shit's about to get really real. The group melds BLACKNiGHT's woozy, minimal production with the poignant-but-laidback lyricism of GRiMMS. The end result is doper than dope and not one to miss."

-The Empty Bottle

"...labeling them into any one genre is missing the bigger picture of their music. They are strange, wonderful and defy categorization. We hope IAN'S PARTY 2017 can rep Chicago that well."

-Ian's Party

"This duo has a sound that stands out and a vibe that pulls you in. Fans of hip-hop, experimental pop and even rock n’ roll can find something appealing in G&B’s unique style."

-Machine Culture

"Much like a folk singer with his acoustic guitar, GRiMMS uses his voice and words as notes and chords, with the help of BLACKNiGHT creating a beautiful landscape for them to land. Together, GRiMMS & BLACKNiGHT are a synergistic team whose musical talents feed off each other. GRiMMS’ lyrics paint a colorful picture and BLACKNiGHT's production is the gilded frame."

-Corrine Cassels (Divide and Conquer)

"It’s near impossible to describe what GRiMMS & BLACKNiGHT do, but what can be said is they’re bringing their brand of mystifying dreamhop..."





GRiMMS & BLACKNiGHT is a Hop n' Roll duo based in Chicago.  J.A. Grimms brings a unique touch to the traditional form of rapping with a folk-like approach to storytelling amidst BLACKNIGHT's dreamy, pulsing, 'woozy' production and rock-based guitar playing.  They completed a full US tour in August 2016 and are working with producer Brian Deck (Modest Mouse, Counting Crows, Iron & Wine) on their second full-length album with plans to release by 2020.  Active since 2010, their independent releases include 2014 full-length ‘Basement Type Secrets’ and a series of singles in 2016 entitled ‘Keep | Dripps’ and ‘GRiMMTOPiA|THiNK’ featured on local blogs and college radio stations across the Midwest.

Email JAGrimmsandBlacknight@gmail.com

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